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Our Commitment

Providing a continuum of care for those of any age in need.

Buckley HealthCare Center is an affiliate of National HealthCare Corporation, one of the nation's oldest long-term health care providers and a leader of post-acute care services. NHC was founded by Dr. Carl E. Adams, a physician and lifelong resident of Middle Tennessee. Dr. Adams and Jennie Mae Adams, had a long-held dream of building a "campus concept" of lifecare facilities for older adults.

Their objective was to provide older adults with a beautiful, secure, and caring environment as they aged, free from the daily worries of cooking, cleaning, and caring for a home. Dr. Adams also hoped to provide a way for married couples to stay together, even if the health of one required a different degree of care.

"Nobody knows the quantity of their life. I don't know how many days you have on Earth, nor does anyone else except God. What I'm most interested in is the quality of a person's life while they are here. That's the business I am in." - Dr. Carl E. Adams

Learn more about National HealthCare Corporation, (NHC).

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